Join Team Tarantino with new hats, mugs, e-books, and more in the online store! CLICK HERE
Join Team Tarantino with new hats, mugs, e-books, and more in the online store! CLICK HERE

Introducing #TheAlexaApproach

About The Alexa Approach Virtual Studio

Are you looking to improve your musical skills but not interested in committing to regular private lessons and costly payments? 

Are you seeking music education but needing to do it own your own time and schedule? 

Do you take private lessons but need a boost of practice and performance inspiration? 

Are you an educator looking for some new tips and tricks?

Through my new platform THE ALEXA APPROACH, you’ll get insider access to ALL of my educational materials - that means having an extensive video library at your fingertips consisting of all of my saxophone and woodwind exercises, demonstrations, and lessons covering warmups, technique, woodwind doubling, and more.  I have been looking for a way to connect with you all in a more meaningful and consistent way, and this is it! 

For students and educators of all instruments, levels, and backgrounds, you’ll find videos teaching jazz theory, improvisational concepts, vocabulary, repertoire, and beyond. Call all musicians, students, educators, aficionados, and enthusiasts...there’s something for everyone.

Whether you have 5 minutes or 50 minutes, The Alexa Approach enables you to customize your musical studies anytime, anywhere. Start Now!

Here's What Your Membership Looks Like...

Join for $39.99 per month or $399.99 per year
(Yearly Membership = $80 savings. Get one year for the cost of 4 private lessons!)


  • Unlimited Access to The Alexa Approach Video Library (50+ lessons, demonstrations, play-along videos and more for all ability levels and instruments. New content released weekly!)
  • Free Downloads of The Alexa Approach Accompanying PDF Materials
  • Exclusive Invitations to The Alexa Approach Community’s Monthly Virtual Hangs/Studio Classes
  • Contribute to The Alexa Approach Community Forum with Content Requests and Questions
  • Private Entry to The Alexa Approach Facebook Group to participate in monthly practice initiatives, share YOUR progress and videos, receive feedback, and develop relationships within the Community
  • Curated For You: Recommended Monthly Practice Routine from The Alexa Approach Library
  • Never-Before-Seen Exclusive Full-Length and Extra Performance Footage from Alexa
  • Priority Access to One-on-One Bookings with Alexa at alexatarantino.com/shop
  • 10% Off All One-on-One Products at alexatarantino.com/shop
  • 15% Off All Other Store Products at alexatarantino.com/shop
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