Join Team Tarantino with new hats, mugs, e-books, and more in the online store! CLICK HERE
Join Team Tarantino with new hats, mugs, e-books, and more in the online store! CLICK HERE


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Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to say hello, I'd love to hear from you.

Management: Birdland Artists (Contact for sideperson, education, commissions, brand collaboration, and media inquiries)
Jo Lawrence, jo@birdlandjazz.com
(P) 212-581-0612

Booking: Unlimited Myles (Contact for Alexa Tarantino Quartet and Alexa Tarantino appearances with orchestra/ensembles)
Myles Weinstein, myles@unlimitedmyles.com
(P) 732-566-2881 (Midwest, West, NYC, Canada)
Rory Trainor, rory@unlimitedmyles.com
(Everything east of the Mississippi, excluding NYC)

Common Questions Answered

What is your setup? // Click here and scroll down for my full equipment list.

What are your teaching rates? // Click here to learn more about or apply for my one-on-one coaching. I am no longer offering single private lessons. Please use the contact form below for other education or guest artist inquiries.

Where can I find your biography and press photo? // You can download the bio and high-res photo of your choice here.

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Team Tarantino

Booking: Unlimited Myles (see above)

Management: Birdland Artists (see above)

Anna Yatskevich, @jazzaddikt

Graphic Design (Logo)
Stephanie Layton, Red Scandal Graphics

Website Design + Development
Janelle Reichman, Ellanyze

Sara Pettinella, Little Comb Productions

Erin Esparza, The Erin Effect



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