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Alexa Tarantino - Clarity cover large copy

Clarity (2020)

Artist: Alexa Tarantino
Personnel: Alexa Tarantino, Woodwinds; Steven Feifke, Piano; Joe Martin, Bass; Rudy Royston, Drums.
Description: Woodwind virtuoso Alexa Tarantino moves straight forward with "Clarity," on her second release for Posi-Tone. With an evocative display of talent over a wide range of instruments, Tarantino clearly demonstrates that her skills in songwriting and performance are elevating and shining steadily with bright moments. Tarantino is focused as a bandleader and relaxed as a soloist in front of the rhythm section of pianist Steven Feifke, bassist Joe Martin, and drummer Rudy Royston. With an engaging musical program presented by an amazing group of players, Tarantino's latest album encourages jazz enthusiasts to experience the "Clarity" of her musical message with amazement and delight.

Official Release Date: June 5th, 2020.

Tales of Wonder: A Jazz Celebration of Stevie (2020)

Artist: Posi-Tone Collective
Personnel: [Note: Alexa appears on Track 1 only.] Works for Me; Alexa Tarantino, Woodwinds; Tony Davis,  Guitar;  Caili O'Doherty,  Piano;  Adi Meyerson,  Bass;  Joe Strasser, Drums.
Description: [Note: Alexa appears on Track 1 only.] How can we at Posi-Tone show our sincere appreciation and affection for one of the world's greatest songwriters? What kind of special 70th birthday surprise can we give someone who has already received almost every accolade and award imaginable? Maybe we could accomplish both of these objectives simultaneously by honoring him with the release of a special compilation of his music! “Tales of Wonder” is a collection of instrumental jazz interpretations of some of his most popular compositions lovingly performed by a wide variety of artists from our talented roster.
Label: Posi-Tone Records

Reach Within (2020)

Artist: Works For Me
Personnel: Alexa Tarantino, Woodwinds; Tony Davis,  Guitar;  Caili O'Doherty,  Piano;  Adi Meyerson,  Bass;  Joe Strasser, Drums.
Description: Posi-Tone debuts their latest musical collective under the apt title of Works For Me. This carefully curated presentation by Producer Marc Free focuses on combining the individual talents of several emerging performers into a cohesive camaraderie that succeeds in providing us with a series of enjoyably emotional performances that ”Reach Within” with clarity and sincerity. Works For Me features the talents of guitarist Tony Davis, saxophonist Alexa Tarantino, pianist Caili O’- Doherty, bassist Adi Meyerson and drummer Joe Strasser working together to create a series of unified musical expressions that take us along with them on an entertaining musical journey. We are confident that jazz fans everywhere will enjoy listening to this new collective and hopefully concur personally with us that the title does indeed encapsulate our feelings when it proclaims loudly that all the music on the record "Works For Me!”
Label: Posi-Tone Records

Winds of Change (2019)

Artist: Alexa Tarantino
Personnel: Alexa Tarantino, Woodwinds; Christian Sands, Piano; Joe Martin, Bass; Rudy Royston, Drums; Nick Finzer, Trombone.
Description: After appearing on Lauren Sevian's  Bliss,  Something Blue's  Maximum Enjoyment, and Lioness'  Pride and JoyWinds of Change  is  Alexa Tarantino's first release as a leader for Posi-Tone Records. Christian Sands, Joe Martin, Rudy Royston, and special guest Nick Finzer join Tarantino in bringing her compositions and favorites to life.  Winds of Change  features a diverse array of styles and highlights Tarantino's skills as a woodwind doubler through her alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, and alto flute playing.
Label: Posi-Tone Records

Maximum Enjoyment (2019)

Ensemble: Something Blue
Personnel: Alexa Tarantino, Alto Saxophone; Nick Finzer , Trombone; Sam Dillon, Tenor Saxophone; Art Hirahara, Piano; Boris Kozlov, Bass; Rudy Royston, Drums.
Description: For this album, I chose to use the aesthetic ideas suggested by classic Victorian era English rhyme to curate all the aspects of the production process. I also specifically selected musicians who are “old” familiar faces: Art Hirahara, Boris Kozlov, and Rudy Royston. There are some “new” friends as well: Alexa Tarantino, Nick Finzer, and Sam Dillon. The carefully selected musical program features some borrowed compositions taken from earlier Posi-Tone releases, which were subsequently produced to create performances reminiscent of the mid-1960’s, the “blue” period of modern jazz. I sincerely hope everyone will experience as much “Maximum Enjoyment" listening to these musical offerings as I did producing them. - Marc Free, producer
Alexa's Role: Alto Saxophone, Composer/Arranger: “Breeze”
Label: Posi-Tone Records

Night Mode (2019)

Ensemble: The Verve Jazz Ensemble
Personnel: Alexa Tarantino, Alto Saxophone, Alto Flute; Josh Feldstein, Drums; Jon Blanck, Tenor Saxophone; Tatum Greenblatt, Trumpet; Steve Einerson, Piano; Elias Bailey, Bass; Willie Applewhite, Trombone.
Description: Having raced to the number one spot on the JazzWeek chart with its previous album Connect the Dots, staying in the top 10 slot for nine amazing weeks, the VJE attains maximum liftoff in reaching a wide range of listeners with its new recording, Night Mode. The group's 6th album is a heady, entertaining mix of original compositions by various members, jazz classics, and obscure, "under-served" gems. Night Mode delivers high-octane, fun, straight ahead jazz for everyone -- from new jazz listeners to aficionados!
Alexa's Role: Alto Saxophone, Alto Flute, Arranger "Viva Sonhando"
Label: Light Groove Media

Pride & Joy (2019)

Ensemble: Lioness
Personnel: Alexa Tarantino, Alto Saxophone; Jenny Hill, Tenor Saxophone; Lauren Sevian, Baritone Saxophone; Amanda Monaco, Guitar; Akiko Tsuruga, Organ; Allison Miller, Drums.
Description: Six talented female musicians join together to deliver an entertaining and melodically engaging debut as the new collective Lioness roars into action with "Pride & Joy." Carefully assembled by Posi-Tone producer Marc Free, this record features the front line talents of alto saxophonist Alexa Tarantino, tenor saxophonist Jenny Hill, and baritone saxophonist Lauren Sevian, along with the talented rhythm section of guitarist Amanda Monaco, organist Akiko Tsuruga and drummer Allison Miller. With a dazzling combination of talents and an evocative program of musical selections by female composers, the ear catching performances on "Pride & Joy" are sure to bring bright moments to jazz fans everywhere.
Alexa's Role: Alto Saxophone, Composer/Arranger: “Hurry Up and Wait”
Label: Posi-Tone Records

Analog Dreams (2019)

Artist: Chris Teal Trio
Alexa's Role: Alto Saxophone
Label: Outside-In Music

Bliss (2018)

Artist: Lauren Sevian
Personnel: Lauren Sevian, Baritone Saxophone; Alexa Tarantino, Alto Saxophone; Robert Rodriguez, Piano; Christian McBride, Bass; E. J. Strickland, Drums.
Description: Baritone saxophonist Lauren Sevian lets her instrument do the talking when she boldly opens her heart and mind to share her “Bliss” on her first release for Posi-Tone. Assembled to provide support on the date is the wondrously solid rhythm section of virtuoso pianist Robert Rodriguez, superstar bassist Christian McBride, and powerhouse drummer E.J. Strickland. Special guest alto saxophonist Alexa Tarantino provides some additional highlights to the mix on a few tracks. With a tour de force realization of her talents as both a composer and an instrumentalist, Sevian maps out a melodious journey of harmonic discovery as she takes listeners along with her to explore an exciting program of original compositions that shine continuously with bright moments. Sevian’s musical vibrations have noticeably shifted onto another level, and this set of stunning performances should encourage jazz enthusiasts everywhere to tune more deeply to her musical message of “Bliss” with increased amazement and delight.
Alexa's Role: Alto Saxophone, Composer: “Square One” featuring Christian McBride
Label: Posi-Tone Records

Connect the Dots (2018)

Artist: The Verve Jazz Ensemble
Description: "Connect The Dots," the fifth album by the Verve Jazz Ensemble, is described by critics as "career-defining playing" that brings the VJE's classic, straight ahead bop, swingers, and Latin jazz to the next level...killer stuff!
Alexa's Role: Alto Saxophone, Flute
Label: LightGroove Media

Fandango at the Wall: A Soundtrack for the United States, Mexico, and Beyond (2018)

Artist: Arturo O’Farrill & the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra
Description: Multi-Grammy winner Arturo O'Farrill records an album that includes over 50 artists, 30 songs, and involved 5 recording sessions. The music features Hamilton's Mandy Gonzalez, Regina Carter, Antonio Sanchez, Villalobos Brothers, Rahim AlHaj Trio, Sahba Motallebi, Rafa Sardina, and son jarocho icons Patricio Hidalgo, Ramon Gutierrez Hernandez, Jorge Francisco Castillo, and more!
Awards: Resilience Music Alliance 2018
Alexa's Role: Alto and Soprano Saxophones, Flute

DIVA + The Boys (2017)

Artist: Sherrie Maricle & The DIVA Jazz Orchestra
Description: Recorded live by MCG Jazz™ at Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild™, Pittsburgh, PA, March 10 and 11, 2017.
The  DIVA  Jazz Orchestra is beyond honored to be part of this extraordinary recording celebrating 30 years of MCG Jazz. It was a genuine thrill to perform with jazz greats Claudio Roditi, Ken Peplowski, Jay Ashby and the magnificent Marty Ashby. The music is original, fresh and exciting, and features “the boys” and DIVA members with equal fire, finesse and swing! The  DIVA  Jazz Orchestra has been part of the MCG for 25+ years and we hold the position with great reverence. Heartfelt thank you to Marty, Renee and the entire MCG team; all of the incredible players, soloists, composers, arrangers, and DIVA founder, Stanley Kay, who brought us all together.
- Sherrie Maricle, Music Director/Drummer

Alexa's Role: Lead Alto and Soprano Saxophones, Flute, Clarinet, Featured Soloist
Label: MCG Jazz

DIVA: 25th Anniversary Project (2017)

Artist: Sherrie Maricle & The DIVA Jazz Orchestra
Description: To honor DIVA’s 25 year history and legacy of the band’s founder, Stanley Kay, Sherrie has tasked herself and has asked 9 other band members to compose and arrange a new piece of music to commemorate this significant milestone. To have 10 composers in the band, writing for the band, who have played together for years, who helped forge DIVA’s style and sound, who know the band’s history, who know and respect each other musically and genuinely like each other, has given them a remarkable opportunity to create and share their first all-original DIVA plays DIVA recording; 10 original writers composing for 15 friends in 1 amazing band.
Alexa's Role: Alto and Soprano Saxophones, Composer/Arranger/Featured Soloist: “Square One”, Featured Soloist: “Seesaw."
Label: ArtistShare

Music from the Heart (2017)

Artist: John Nyerges
Personnel: John Nyerges, Piano; Alexa Tarantino, Alto Saxophone; Clay Jenkins, Trumpet; Doug Stone, Tenor Saxophone; Vince Ercolamento, Tenor Saxophone; Chris Teal, Drums; Danny Ziemann, Bass.
: Original instrumental jazz compositions in various grooves from up-tempo swing to funk to ballads featuring acoustic piano & Fender Rhodes©, trumpet, tenor & alto saxophone, drums & bass, written for special people in my life.
-John Nyerges
Alexa's Role: Alto Saxophone, Featured Soloist on "Cool" and "Can You Feel That?"
Label: Released Independently

Crossing Paths (2015)

Artist: Tarantino/Terefenko
Description: Crossing Paths is the first record from jazz saxophone and piano duo, Alexa Tarantino and Dariusz Terefenko. It was released in January 2015 on Alexa’s record label, Infinite Records. The album explores the potential of interactive improvisation using lesser-known standard tunes as well as 20th century post tonal compositions and original material. Tarantino/Terefenko has since traveled the globe performing and teaching as Artists in Residence at the Academy of Music in Krakow,The Hartt School, SUNY Oswego, the Jazz Education Network’s Fifth Annual Conference, Saint Peter’s Church in NYC, and the Hartford Public Library’s Baby Grand Jazz Series.
Alexa's Role: Co-Producer, Composer: “Crossing Paths”, “Final Breaths”, Co-Arranger, Alto Saxophonist.
Label: Infinite Records


Artist: Colossus Large Ensemble
Description: COLOSSUS, a 17-piece modern jazz orchestra, comprises some of the most promising young talent on the music scene today. Based in Rochester, NY, COLOSSUS consists of current and former students of the Eastman School of Music. Co-led by three award-winning composers, Dave Chisholm ("Radioactive," "Calligraphy") of Fairbanks, AK; Mike Conrad of Bettendorf, IA; and Levi Saelua of Sacramento, CA, COLOSSUS has been gathering a loyal following since its inception in the fall of 2012. Performing only the compositions and arrangements of Chisholm, Conrad, and Saelua, COLOSSUS delivers an original and innovative sound, as evident on their stunning debut album simply titled "COLOSSUS." The six tracks on "COLOSSUS" reveal a musical jigsaw puzzle as the musical personalities of the three composer/arrangers blend seamlessly to create a musical statement greater than the sum of its parts. From the madcap transitions on "West Point" to the downright mean jazz march in "Science Adventure"; from the incredible last chorus of "Up and Up" to the apotheosis of the simple opening idea of "Little Vikings"; from the beautiful low-end agility of "Mild, Mild Midwest" to the moving closing of "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing," "COLOSSUS" is an entertaining, satisfying, and rewarding listen.
Alexa's Role: Alto Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet.
Label: Released independently

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